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why we do what we do

The Filipino youth are thirsting for authentic love, but are experiencing an increase in depression, loss of self-worth, teenage pregnancy, suicide, etc. We seek to help the youth quench this thirst by leading them to the love of God and helping them live holy and healthy relationships in order to protect the Filipino values of faith and family.


We are sent out to bring the message of God's Love and the truth of our sexuality to the youth in public and private schools, universities, youth groups, and religious and non-religious organizations. We present these topics through a combination of talks, skits, music, games, interactive activities, small group sharing, reflection, prayer, question and answer, and personal interaction with the youth.


Our goal is to help the youth have a personal encounter with Jesus. Through this encounter, and through our presentations, we hope that they may discover that they are created for love and that their sexuality is a gift from God, and that they would have the courage to choose to live in chastity.

Pure Heart Philippines began in Cebu City in 2014, but our roots go back to 2008. Corazón Puro, the mother organization of Pure Heart, had its beginnings in New York City, and has since spread to many other countries, including the Philippines.

Founded by Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR and Odet Bisono, Corazón Puro awakens and accompanies leaders in areas of great need. Inspired by the life and theology of St. John Paul II, these leaders are equipped to become Christ-centered, pure of heart, joy-filled agents of change. They are sent out to form young people to know the dignity of their sexuality and God's plan for their life, in order to build up a culture of life and a civilization of love.



In 2014, Bulay Miñano, a member of Corazón Puro, came to Cebu City to serve with the Apostolic Sisters of St. John. Seeing that the youth had no resources to answer their questions about love and sexuality, she decided to begin Pure Heart Philippines.


our growth

We have been steadily growing since our inception in 2014. From our small beginnings, we are encountering more and more young people every year:

Hourly-Sprint-Burndown-Chart (1).jpg


Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Rhea Christine Sescon

Affiliate Coordinator / Full-time Missionary

Rhea has been serving with Pure Heart since 2014 and she is the current head servant. Saint wannabe. Karaoke champ. She loves Jesus, sunsets, handwritten letters, dark chocolates, and you.


Jefanie Genilla

Committee Head for Content and Spirituality; Server

Jefanie has been serving in Pure Heart since 2018. She’s a digital nomad and dreams to travel the world. 


Mary Grace Villarma


An Alumna Scholar of St. John Community Scholarship program. Grasya is a full-time missionary for 2021-2022. A survivor of a bite from a pufferfish. She loves to cook, eat and grow in holiness. 


Marie Louie Dejaño

Committee Head for Logistics; Server

Louie has been serving with Pure Heart since 2014. She has a full-time job and serves on mission in her free time. Ormocana. Manager. Sunflower. Sleepy Head. K-Pop Fanatic. Hugotera. Hopeless Romantic. Feature Writer.


Merrick Lance Noel


Lance works in IT and is involved in many different ministries in the church. He is the current head of Kaire a Community for young professionals of the Community of St. John He has been a member of Pure Heart since 2019. He loves Latin Mass and Food Panda.

Meet the Servers

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