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Young and Learning

Pope Saint John Paul the Great is as great as his name. As I read Jason Evert's book, I can't seem to imagine how blessed the people who've met him, talked to him, and prayed with him. His braveness and prayerfulness got me! He lost his family at a young age. Imagine being alone in a four corner wooden house. The memories of your mom, your dad, and your brother will get you into tears, but Pope St. John Paul II prayed and prayed because according to him, if he doesn't pray, he's like wasting his time.

God never left him until his last breath. God helped him and guided him in disseminating His words. Someone within Vatican joked, ''What’s the difference between God and John Paul II?'' I smiled as I read that line because God is everywhere so as the pope. He made 146 trips within Italy and 104 abroad to 129 nations to deliver more than 3,000 speeches! How amazing can he be?! It's also interesting that the Pope knew someone was spying on him, but he just called his spy as his ''guardian angel'' for being always with him. He's that brave and witty! Eventually, he still forgave his spy. Such a beautiful act, isn't it? How can he do that? Forgiveness is difficult to give to someone who've done wrong to you and think ill of you. His love for God and his people is just so amazing!

His love for the youth is spectacular! He once said to the young people gathered in St. Peter's Square, ''You are the hope of the Church and of the world. You are my hope.'' And later, he added, ''The young are the comfort and the strength of the pope.'' It's so heartwarming that he had that faith in the youth. I'm ashamed about how huge his faith in us, the young ones, but I, myself, am afraid to do a small step to change something because of the fear of judgements around me. As a person who has trust issues, it is really hard to believe in my own self, but as I encounter God, I know in my heart that there's really a change within me. Little by little, as I meet a lot of people, there is like a voice in me that says I must try to trust this person, that I must go out of my comfort zone.

As one of the youths who's still looking for her purpose in life, I should never be ashamed to serve Him and be like Him. I must never be ashamed to shout His name! I must be a role model to my fellow youths who have doubts on themselves, especially on how to believe in God, to live a chaste life, and be a modest woman. Maybe in that way, I can find my purpose that was meant for me. I think it was really God's plan to make me read Jason Evert's book to let me realize many things. St. John Paul II is like an eye-opener for me to not rush anything. You have to focus on what's present and not to overthink about what may happen tomorrow. I will always be joyful to serve Him.

Written by Jeramie Mabitad. Jeramie is a graduate of Chiara Luce Sunday, a monthly formation for neighborhood girls of the Community of St. John that the apostolic sisters and Pure Heart Philippines accompany. She now serves with Pure Heart during Chiara Luce Sunday. This year, she spent her summer serving the Lord through Pure Heart Philippines.

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